"It’s a triumph for Alex Vilkaitis’ unassuming Massetto that he manages to register so strongly alongside Cally Youdell’s wonderfully feisty Zerlina, the ideal mix of innocent and minx."


"Cally Youdell was nicely pert in her solo describing to Alcina, with much embroidered detail, Melissa's first appearance to Ruggiero." 


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"Soprano Cally Youdell gave a superb performance of the Pie Jesu" 


"Next, Cally Youdell soloed in Schubert’s ‘Seligkeit’ showing off her lovely top register."


"Iford’s production showcases a noticeably talented cast, ably supported by an ensemble drawn from Iford’s New Generation Artist Programme: Keith Pun, Cally Youdell, Ben Smith and Daniel D’Souza."


"Special mention must also go to soprano Cally Youdell who, as one of the four members of the Iford ‘New Generation Artist Programme’, also covered the roles of Titania and Hermia and, on this occasion, had to sing some of Lucy Page’s vocal numbers, while she acted out the part of Titania."